Next ZEN DAY - Sunday 25 April 2021

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TENBORIN ZEN DAY - once a month

Dates for your diary: Sunday 25 April & 30 May 2021

Relayed with English translation from Lanau Zen Centre, France
Directed with kusen by Maitre Guy Mokuho Mercier
Schedule: 30-40 mins 'sits', with kinhin between
07:15       ~ station opens ~
07:30-09:00 zazen / kinhin / zazen
            ~ coffee ~
10:00-11:15 zazen / kinhin / zazen
            ~ lunch & rest period ~
13:15-14:45 zazen / kinhin / zazen
            ~ tea ~
15:15-16:30 zazen / kinhin / zazen

There's no specified fee for the day, but all donations to Tenborin are very gratefully received


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Masthead photo credit: Wang Junyi on Unsplash